Surface Duo

Surface Duo is purpose-built for mobile productivity. A new category of dual-screen devices from Microsoft.
With two screens connected by a revolutionary 360° hinge, the device reimagine productivity on the go.

Surface innovation comes to a mobile device. Impossibly thin and with two high-resolution touchscreens, Surface Duo features the best of Microsoft 365 and every Android app in the Google Play store. It’s a new way to get things done with a revolutionary 360° hinge, multiple modes and new dual-screen enhanced apps that let you view two apps at once or span one across both touchscreens, drag and drop between screens, make phone calls, and more.

First Announcement

Surface Duo

"The perfect balance of productivity and mobility. Surface Duo is a new dual-screen device that fits in your pocket. With two screens connected by a revolutionary 360° hinge, Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft and Android to reimagine productivity on the go."

Surface Neo

"A groundbreaking new dual-screen device that redefines how you get things done. With two 9” screens, a revolutionary 360° hinge, touch, pen, keyboard, and incredible new Windows experiences, Surface Neo enables you to do more, anywhere."

Project relevant patent

Physical configuration of a device for interaction mode selection


In various embodiments, methods and systems are provide for detecting a physical configuration of a device based on sensor data from one or more configuration sensors. The physical configuration includes a position of a first display region of the device with respect to a second display region of the device, where the position is physically adjustable. A configuration profile is selected from a plurality of configuration profiles based on the detected physical configuration of the device. Each configuration profile is a representation of at least one respective physical configuration of the device. An interaction mode corresponding to the selected configuration profile is activated, where the interaction mode includes a set of mode input/output (I/O) features available while the interaction mode is active. Device interfaces of the device are managed using at least some mode I/O features in the set of mode I/O features based on the activating of the interaction mode.