My goal is to create solutions that help improve people's lives and accelerate our progress towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Italian designer, inventor, director currently living in San Francisco working on the future of personal AI as UX Director at Google.

At Google, I'm helping to shape the future of Personal AI and build solutions that are easy to use, always helpful, and accessible to everyone. Through natural interactions, contextual awareness, and human literacy - we have the opportunity to enable more people to have frictionless access to knowledge, boost creativity and productivity, and make things happen on users' behalf.

Currently focusing on generative AI, LLMs, Bard, Assistant, Extensions, and enhancing AI capabilities.

Previously at Zoox (acquired by Amazon) building an autonomous mobility service and robotaxi to reinvent personal mobility. And Microsoft, working on the incubation of innovative applications, devices, and platforms - including Microsoft HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 2, a portfolio of mixed reality applications for both consumers and enterprise, and other special projects around AI and spatial computing.


A selection of products, services, and platforms I had the opportunity to work on - including Zoox, Microsoft HoloLens 1 and 2, Surface Duo, Remote Assist, Surface Hub 2, Google WebLab, and more.


Whenever I have the opportunity I love to teach and share ideas at schools and conferences around the world.


Collection of various interviews, articles, and publications.


Background, professional experience, and more personal information.