Microsoft HoloLens

The first fully untethered Mixed Reality computing device. Announced in January 2015, HoloLens blends the digital and physical worlds together.

Microsoft Remote Assist

Collaborate remotely with heads-up, hands-free video calling, image sharing, and mixed reality annotations. Firstline Workers can share what they see with an expert, while staying hands on to solve problems and complete tasks together, faster.

Microsoft Layout

Bring your designs from concept to completion with confidence and speed. Import 3D models to easily create and edit room layouts in real-world scale. Experience designs as high-quality holograms in physical space or in virtual reality and share and edit with stakeholders in real time.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Created for a new culture of work, helping people move beyond simply sharing information, to a world where they are collaborating real-time, in a dynamic and intuitive way.

Google Web Lab

A series of interactive Chrome Experiments that bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life. A first-of-its-kind web-based exhibition live from the Science Museum in London and open to the world online. Worldwide visitors both online and in-museum are able to make music with people across the world; trace routes across the internet's vast network and discover where images are stored; watch their portrait being processed and drawn by a robot; and travel instantly to far away places.

Escape Flight

NYC, 2012 - Escape Flight is a one-stop provider that focuses on making your weekend getaway a no-brainer. It’s a website that has been specifically designed to inspire people in the big cities, who are looking for a last-minute weekend getaway. Instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of available flights and destinations, Escape Flight presents only a few getaway suggestions to make it easy and convenient to escape the big city without the hassle. In March 2013 at B-Reel we launched our first B-Reel product, a startup called Escape Flight.

Mind Controlled Scalextric

2011 - The idea is simple: what if you could control slot cars with the power of your mind? Mind Scalextric is an experience that invites people to explore a new type of interaction, where people race together using nothing but their minds (EEG). The higher your level of attention, the quicker your car goes.

Honda The Experiment

2011 - The Experiment is an innovative physics-based game using pop-up windows as you have never experienced before. Each element in You are invited to drag the windows around the screen and create surprising chain reactions.

EELS - 360 Projection Mapping

2011 - EELS is an installation that blurs digital and physical in a unique experience ahead of its time. EELS combines multiple technologies that allow people to play a digital game out of the margin of the screen, integrated in the real world.