"Web Design. The Evolution of the Digital World 1990–Today"

Author: Rob Ford - Publisher: TASCHEN - Available on Amazon

The last three decades have marked an era of technological upheaval as frenetic and groundbreaking as there ever has been. From early desktop computers and mobile phones to virtual reality: the web is now virtually inseparable from all facets of human interaction and daily life. But it wasn’t always funny cat videos and sleek interfaces.

This collection is a visual journey through time, gathering the very earliest examples of what we today take for granted: the first website to use surround sound, the first drag-and-drop navigation, the first page-turn effect, the first website to use seamless video integration, the first viral site, the first parallax website, the first ‘upload-your-face’ website, the first site to incorporate a mobile phone, the first ever YouTube-like “website”, and many more.

"Design Truths"

2017 - CAMP Summit — Episode 1

"CAMP’s Summit series feature industry leaders who share career insights, thoughts, journeys and experiences about their creative life during an hour-long moderated discussion. The guests include directors, designers, developers, and artists from various disciplines. In this episode, the guests share their experiences in the design industry working on so many iconic brands and projects, and about the processes, personalities and truths of being a designer for life. Do we really have a choice? So grab a coffee and let's listen in on this table of renowned calibre."

Afterglow Interview

2017 - Camp Festival. The Afterglow Interview

"Building Superhumans and Supermachines"

2017 - IDEO interview by Burton Rast

"The meaning of being human might change in our lifetime. We might be super humans by then, and we will have to be very careful, as there is a huge risk of creating new inequalities based on who can afford what extension. There might be incredible innovations in brain-computer interactions, connecting us to technology and each other via a collective mind."

"Nella Valle dei Robot"

2017 - TG2 Dossier, by Dario Laruffa. (Italian)

"DDDialogue with Riccardo Giraldi"

2016 - Digital Design Days interview

FWA Interview

2013 - TheFWA interview by Rob Ford

"A website is a container of digital information that you can access nowadays using a browser and a computer. In 10 years, I think the same information will be more embedded in the real world and more easily accessible in ways that we cannot quite yet imagine."

More Press

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2017 - Camp Festival. CAMP Summit — Episode 1: Design Truths
2017 - Camp Festival. Riccardo Giraldi — The Afterglow Interview
2017 - TG2 Dossier, by Dario Laruffa. Nella Valle dei Robot (italian)
2017 - IDEO. Interview by Burton Rast. Building Superhumans and Supermachines
2017 - Catalunya Radio. Interview by Joan Arenyes. Riccardo Giraldi an Arenyes Radio (Catalan)
2017 - Pony Friday. Riccardo Giraldi: Opportunity Will Take You Places
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2013 - Fast Company. To jump-start innovation thinks side projects
2013 - FITC. Speaker Profile: Riccardo Giraldi
2013 - Master Multimedia Firenze. Interview by by Pasquale Quaranta. Dal MICC di Firenze a New York, (italian)
2013 - La Forza di Cambiare. Riccardo l'Americano, by Alberto Pancrazi (italian)
2012 - Brand News, Da Bruno Munari al digitale, la user experience sempre al centro (italian)
2012 - Digitaling. Producing the Impossible 制造“不可能”——整合创意制造术 (chinese)
2012 - Digitaling. 专访:不从善如流—创意制造工场B-Reel创意总监Riccardo Giraldi (chinese)
2012 - AdAge, article by Ann-Christine Diaz. Production Company of the Year 2011: B-Reel
2011 - Campaign. Interview and article. Producing the Impossible
2011 - Campaign. Article by Stuart Derrick. The Perfect Storm; Integration roundtable discussion
2011 - Fast Company. article by KC. Behind Honda Experiment: Building A Game In HTML5
2010 - Nuok. Interview by Alice Avallone. "Oggi a New York: Riccardo Giraldi" (italian)
2009 - Urban Anno 9 Numero 7 . "13 interurbana al telefono con Riccardo Giraldi" (italian)

Gli ologrammi di HoloLens

2016 - Corriere. Interview by Paolo Ottolina (Italian)

"Italian-born Riccardo Giraldi"

2013 - Luerzer's Archive interview

"It took a few years for the [advertising] industry to take digital seriously. And it’s still a new and evolving field, so the fact that we are not doing it very well yet is not a surprise. Most of the things we see online are created by the industry for the industry; people couldn’t care less. There are only few players and examples where the result is relevant to people. A friend said that what this industry does is often storyelling, not storytelling. I agree."