The Perfect Storm. Integration roundtable discussion

This month’s Campaign magazine includes a special supplement about integrated productions and  B-Reel wrote an article titled Producing the Impossible .
I also had the pleasure to take part to the roundtable discussion with some very interesting people from the industry.

Ultimately, consumers don’t care where an idea comes from, and it is their behaviour and habits that should dictate communications. Riccardo Giraldi, the creative director at B-Reel, says agencies have to be more agile, as their structures quickly become dated as customer behaviour changes.

“On YouTube, there is a film of a young girl playing with an iPad. When she’s handed a magazine, she thinks it is broken,” he says. “You need to look at how people want to behave, whatever idea you come up with. What is integrated now will change – and the next thing is something that we are not even discussing yet.”

This means that necessary skillsets have changed dramatically from a few years ago.Giraldi says the production house now needs engineers and product designers on its team.

To sum it up, I believe that we should look at how we all changed our habits in the last 5 years with the introduction of smart phones and the evolution of digital technologies. The barriers between the so called digital and real world are blurring away and we can now define new ways for people to interact together.

Read about the Round Table discussion

And here is the article I wrote together with Lins and Philippa at B-Reel

We also produced a small adv and webpage. An ironic to-do list with of some the impossible productions that B-Reel made happen in the last years.



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